3 Pack Sensory Stick Chews - Free Hygiene Case

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Satisfy Your Senses, Anytime, Anywhere!

Discover the sensory satisfaction of our 3 Pack Sensory Stick Chews! These innovative chew toys are not only designed to provide sensory stimulation and oral motor development, but they also come with a unique feature: they are hollow! This means you can fill them with your child's favorite treats or healthy snacks, turning chew time into a delightful sensory and culinary experience.

Made from high-quality, non-toxic, food grade silicone, these soft and resilient sensory sticks offer a variety of textures, including ridges, bumps, and raised patterns. They provide a satisfying chewing experience while redirecting chewing habits away from less desirable objects. Whether used for calming, fidgeting, or sensory relief, our Sensory Stick Chews are versatile tools to meet diverse sensory needs.

Embrace the power of sensory exploration with our discreet and portable Sensory Stick Chews. Suitable for all ages, they are the perfect companions for sensory support at home, school, or on the go. Experience the benefits of safe and enjoyable oral sensory play with our 3 Pack Sensory Stick Chews.

  • Ages 3+
  • 3 Pack
  • Food grade silicone