Textured Grabber Sensory Chew - Free Hygiene Case

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Introducing the Textured Grabber Sensory Chew!

Designed to support infants in their early developmental stages. As babies reach around 5-6 months, they begin to explore mouthing and chewing as a means to strengthen their mouth muscles and promote oral development. This prepares them for solid food consumption and the development of speech sounds in the future.

Made from soft and chewy materials, the Textured Grabber provides a safe outlet for babies to engage in these essential oral explorations. It aids in self-organisation, facilitates the transition from puréed to textured foods, and offers relief for sore gums. While the entire Grabber is suitable for chewing, the extended design offers valuable sensory input to the back molar area. It is highly recommended for babies in the mouthing stage, particularly those with hypersensitivity and oral sensory defensiveness.

  • Ages 6 months+
  • Approx 10cm long