ROUND Sand Art Mesmerizing Moving Picture

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Step away from your stresses with a moving Sand Art Frame in black. 

Life is stressful; whether it's relationships at home, bills or work deadlines that have your head in a mess, a moving sand frame is an easy way to take a mental break from it all! Just focus on the swirling sand and let your mind empty for a few minutes. You'll find that having something simple, but interesting to focus on can help you relax and refocus your thoughts so that the answers you've been looking for are easier to find.

Our sand frames are simple to use with no mechanical parts or batteries required. Just flip the frame over and gravity does all the work! The coloured sand is mixed with an oily liquid that makes the sand fall slowly and it will make mesmerizing patterns of whirls and swirls as it tumbles from the top of the frame to the bottom. It's hard to tear your eyes away from it!

Add a sand frame to your desk at work or at home and use it to escape from reality for a few minutes.

Comes in a coloured box perfect for gifts

Product Specifications:
 Circle: 250(L) x 70(W) x 250(H) mm

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