Jack N' Jill Tooth Sparkles Calcium Chews

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Jack N' Jill Kids introduces Tooth Sparkles!

Packed with vitamin D, two sources of calcium (hydroxyapatite and calcium carbonate) together with xylitol, Tooth Sparkles are an ingenious and yummy way to support healthy teeth!

  • Helps to clean teeth as you crush and chew
  • Supports development of teeth & bones
  • Vitamin D assists teeth development
  • Hydroxyapatite supports teeth remineralisation
  • Calcium assists healthy bone development
  • Packed with xylitol, just like Jack N’ Jill Toothpaste
  • Natural strawberry flavour so, like our toothpaste, they are yum & fun
  • Fully recyclable bottle with 'kid proof' twist lid
  • Contains 60 tablets
  • Use as young as 2 years
  • Use daily, in-between teeth brushing times.

Chewing helps clean the teeth, especially when chewing something mildly abrasive like an apple, or our Jack N’ Jill Tooth Sparkles. Our crushable/chewable tablet has a gentle effect on the teeth to help clean. Swishing the crushed tablet around the teeth with your tongue is even better.

Whilst chewing, saliva production increases, which also helps clean the mouth and neutralise acids (from food or bacteria in plaque). Neutralising acids in the mouth slows down tooth decay!

Jack N’ Jill Tooth Sparkles are also packed with xylitol, just like our toothpaste. Designed to be chewed/crushed and then swallowed on-the-go, like after lunch at day care or school.

Of course, they are naturally free from sugar, nuts, gluten and artificial sweeteners.