Farm Animal Felt Story Board

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Ignite your child's creativity with the Farm Animal Felt Story Board!

This interactive set allows children to explore farm life and create their own stories. It includes a sturdy felt board with a colorful farm scene and a collection of adorable felt farm animal characters. Watch as your child brings the farm to life and invents exciting narratives using their imagination.

Made from high-quality felt material, the Farm Animal Felt Story Board is durable and easy to handle. The soft and textured surface of the board ensures that the animal pieces stick securely, providing endless opportunities for storytelling and imaginative play. Let your child act out familiar farm scenarios or create their own farm adventures, promoting creativity, language development, and fine motor skills.

With the Farm Animal Felt Story Board, the farm comes alive in your child's hands. Encourage their storytelling abilities, foster their imagination, and provide them with hours of farmyard fun. Unleash the power of imagination with this captivating toy set!

  • Ages 3+
  • 33 pcs
  • Approx 1m