Clear Axolotl Orbeez Stress Ball

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Add a touch of cuteness to your stress relief routine

This unique stress ball is made from soft, squishy clear Orbeez that are surrounded by a clear outer layer, with a cute axolotl hiding inside making it both visually stunning and satisfying to touch.

The Orbeez inside the ball provide a tactile experience that can help relax the mind, while the shimmering outer layer adds a fun and playful element to your stress relief routine. The ball fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it easy to take with you on-the-go.

The Clear Axolotl Orbeez Stress Ball is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra help managing their stress, whether it's during a long workday or while studying for an exam. It's also a great sensory tool.

  • Approx 7cm diameter
  • Ages 3+

Not recommended for kids who require intense sensory input or those who like to pull apart sensory toys. They are not for heavy work and will burst if squeezed too hard – please consider carefully whether the product is appropriate for you (suitable for light fidgeting only).