Bitzee Magicals Interactive Pet

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Experience a world of digital pets in the palm of your hand!

Experience the magic of interactive play with the Bitzee Magicals Interactive Pet! Unlike traditional virtual pets confined to screens, Bitzee brings virtual companionship to life in our 3D world. Each Bitzee toy pet responds to your gestures, making interactions more immersive and engaging.

Your Bitzee pet relies on your love and care to thrive! Begin with a baby Bitzee, feed them, play with them, and shower them with affection to witness their growth from infancy to adulthood, and eventually to Super Bitzee status!

Expand your Bitzee family by collecting 20 unique friends, including enchanting characters like the Yeti, Ghost Kitty, and Rainbow Merpup. Showcase your collection to friends and fellow Bitzee enthusiasts everywhere!

Nurture your Bitzee pet diligently, and they'll evolve, unlocking new magical powers that enhance your interactive adventures. Enter a world of wonder and companionship with the Bitzee Magicals Interactive Pet!

  • Ages 3+
  • Includes 3x AA batteries (for testing)