Bakery Squishes Collect Them All

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Introducing Bakery Squishes: Collect Them All for Endless Fun!

Bakery Squishes are not just toys; they’re a world of delightful squishy goodness waiting to be explored! Each of the eight collectible items brings its unique charm, from the fluffiness of a croissant to the sizzle of a hot dog and the sweetness of a cupcake. These squishiest offer a therapeutic experience, making them ideal for stress relief and enjoyable moments. Their compact size allows you to carry them anywhere, whether it's to school, work, or your next adventure. Not only are Bakery Squishes fun individually, but they also make fantastic gifts for anyone who adores squishes, baking, or cute collectibles. Whether you're a seasoned squishy enthusiast or new to the world of squishy toys, Bakery Squishes are sure to captivate you. So why wait? Begin your Bakery Squishes collection today and immerse yourself in the joy of squishing. Happy collecting!

  • Ages 5+