Smoosho's Macaron

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The ultimate squishy delight that won't expand your waistline!

Inspired by the finesse of the French delicacy, these squishies deliver an immensely gratifying touch and texture, appealing to tactile enthusiasts of all ages. Featuring a charming palette of six pastel hues - purple, pink, yellow, green, blue, and peach - each Smoosho's Macaron promises both visual allure and sensory bliss.

But the excitement doesn't end with squeezing alone; these macarons offer an innovative twist. Each one is ingeniously designed for disassembly, mimicking the layers of the authentic dessert, enabling you to separate the central white squishy 'filling' from the pliable outer colored layers. Whether you're unwinding, enhancing your workspace with a delightful accessory, or simply seeking a sweet, squeezable companion, Smoosho's Macaron adds a dash of sweetness and serenity to your day, guilt-free.

  • Ages 3+