Little Gnashies Kids Probiotic Toothpaste

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Upgrade Your Kids' Oral Care Routine with Little Gnashies Probiotic  Toothpaste and Unleash Healthier Smiles Today

Experience a revolution in kids' oral care with Little Gnashies Kids Probiotic Toothpaste! Made in Australia, this toothpaste not only offers all the benefits of regular toothpaste but also introduces a groundbreaking twist: probiotics that promote healthy teeth and gums for growing smiles.

  • Made in Australia
  • Ages 2+
  • Certified Cruelty Free
  • 50g of toothpaste
  • Probiotic Power: Contains L.salivarius, L.acidophilus, and L.paracasei, powerful probiotics for dental hygiene.
  • No Nasties: Free from harsh chemicals, artificial colours, and preservatives.